Worry Art Projects

 Worry Art Projects is a collaborating arts society  dedicated to providing and facilitating public art initiatives in Vancouver

Please E Mail  flophousefriends[at]gmail.com if you have some of your own ideas you’d like to share, or if you’re interested in participating in Worry Art Projects.

iDea) “Kindergaten pARTy”

So we’ll find a friend who is a teacher, say for kindergaten kids, right, and we’ll have a guest come visit during art class. We’ll build it, and tell the kids that the guest is some major star in the art world, and we’ll tell the kids that the guest is looking for Art inspiration, and that he’s wondering if the kids will each draw their own party invitation poster, maybe with a specific date or some specific details, but the other fun party details the kids get to make up. They have no other rules or guidelines. He’ll tell the kids that due to legal issues he can’t pay the kids – we’ll want to make the kids feel special – but he can pay them in candy. Bang, you have 30 awesome new party posters. Put those suckers up around town and you got yourself a party and a cool art project for the kids, while making them feel like real deal artists.

iDea) “Random Play”

So basically we’ll get together (probably my house) and we’ll learn a play (probably Othello or Henry V, for starters) and we’ll use some kind of random number generator (maybe dice or something) to decide the coordinates where will perform our play (probably in Vancouver, for simplicity), and then we’ll also randomly pick some time (again, probably dice) to perform our theatre. I mean, we’ll just leave it up to the dice men to decide when and where we’ll perform.